China Golf 2.0 modified pieces relatively richer. Although the turbo boost the power is larger, but the two-valve 2.0 engine intake is not very accurate, the pressure value adjustment is difficult, and no suitable package to strengthen the cylinder, supercharged benefit is that when you start the car the moment it begins to work, but the turbocharger has hysteresis, and less stressful. Wow guys back to the oil pressure valve, also known as gasoline, for the players, modified gasoline pressure valve is one of the most basic power conversion, which is due to air flow and the rate will be substantially changed, so the pressure must be raised gasoline or have adjustable features, engaged in a full range of modified Neuspeed, the gas pressure valve becomes necessary modification of the brand products, can withstand high pressure 70-80psi of. Hp has improved, and how to make the increased power output as complete as possible to the tire. Gearbox modification fit vw mk4 golf lowering springs imperative. In fact, reduce the loss of power is changed radially upgrade. The car replaced the BBS CH 18-inch alloy bell, and RS clutch, so that can withstand at least 300 horsepower power and improves engine rpm shift throw phenomenon. For mature with home, the first step is the need to improve the vehicles braking performance. 18-inch Pirelli tires, four BBS CH 18-inch alloy wheels and Brembo four-pump front brake calipers with 350mm brake discs, 300mm rear brake disc, in the shortest possible distance so that the grip performance of the vehicle to get a good play. Taking into account the situation of the domestic road, very hard to give up the inverted by bad shock and competitive-type shock absorbers fit mk4 golf lowering springs. Now the choices are Germany KW GOCF V3 cutter teeth shock absorbers, an independent pressure sensor trim function, through the damping settings to control the vehicle in roll and bounce encounter uneven road when cornering, while improving handling and comfort, moreover can follow the individual needs of each owner of detail tuning to do, so the suspension characteristics will be able to freely choose between comfort and tough. And suspended by external compression, it will automatically increase the damping support strength, in addition to effectively reduce body roll, but also greatly improved cornering characteristics of the vehicle. So for routine and intense driving can meet and retain a certain comfort. DCI suspension fit vw lowering springs aids anti-tilt, shock machine to make more durable, the effect is more stable. NEUSPEED front and rear antiroll bars front came under tension rod reinforcing the vehicles balance, for the handling of the vehicle made a great contribution.