Concrete mixer transportation needs attention to what matters Concrete mixers in transport need to pay attention to what matters? Today we Hang Lung Machinery for everyone to talk about specific.     Social development is inseparable from the concrete, concrete production can not do without concrete mixer, so the development of concrete mixers will be better. The current number of concrete mixers has become an indispensable part of the industry, it is indispensable equipment on construction sites. After years of development, concrete mixers in the domestic market occupies an important position.     Concrete mixers play a significant role in engineering construction. It can also be applied to many other construction. Therefore, it must adapt to the terrain conditions, depending on the requirements to design the machine and its components, it is very important mechanical technology features a high degree of flexibility. Here we are concerned that the concrete mixer in terms of the rules of operation was what.     1) controls the transport time. To ensure the quality of mini concrete mixer trucks manufacturers concrete goods, stirring a human mold not exceed the initial setting time of concrete, concrete setting time, as the ravioli of cement, admixtures slump size and temperature, etc. varies from concrete mixer, general transport time It should be controlled within 2h, from loading to unloading ships must not exceed 4h.     2) must be poured before the mixing tube mixer charging the net in the water, using a small factory there is a certain pressure of water to wash the hopper and cutting garnet trough, but the water should be controlled. During transport and during unloading, are not free to add water.     3) heavy-duty mixer of English can not stop turning, so as not to produce concrete segregation, stratification phenomenon during transport.     4) timely cleaning concrete mixer drum mixer, the mixer should be controlled in each time returning from the site, if the site is not close to over 4h. Avoid prolonged and lead to concrete wall, the impact load quantity and quality.     Follow the development of Chinas construction industry infrastructure, building of construction materials has been growing, only continue to improve in the production process innovation in order to seize the market, concrete mixer applications in this field are increasingly widespread. Usage can be seen from the market and its importance, and technological innovation to market-oriented development philosophy, in the development process timely adjustment technology, the future market competition in advance ready. Concrete mixing station type selection about how we do it Type vast concrete mixing station, mixing station as investor contribution in terms of, how talented you probably choose to own a suitable type of concrete mixing station equipment? Henan prospecting as a professional concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer consumer manufacturers, there are big and small differences in production specifications type of concrete mixing stations, mixer equipment, our company has several decades of consumption of such devices the current situation, it is mixing stations, mixer manufacturers Kaishanzushi . Followed by decades of conduct, our users also throughout the country, Southeast Asia, Africa, Portable Concrete Mixer with Electric motor Latin America also has the use of our equipment users. We carry out so suddenly, amassed so many users, is derived from the outstanding quality of our equipment, and perfect after-sale service system, do not let themselves to reports, users are attracted by better our company to purchase equipment. Our concrete mixing station engineer, welcome to each users division, product introductions Rhyme very carefully the advantages and functions for each user eliminating A puzzled. Today, we will introduce simple for all types of concrete mixing station pick some tips. As a contribution concrete mixing station users, type selection is the first and match troublesome thing, there are several aspects of the primary reasons we are so to speak, the differences between the types, value and start funding also not the same , we just have to be based on the amount of concrete needed to build a given type, if more will form squandered scene occurs less of it, will delay the progress of works, the supply situation of the lack of attack scene. If one of two conditions showing any kind, to our industries that Rhyme missing, so selection is very important, but also to deserve our attention. This is a selection of the topic, said that under the bottom of the test equipment manufacturers title, we carefully search online materials division, we will find that online spending compared to concrete mixing plant manufacturers more, What, then a little can be certain of is the type of concrete mixing of fundamental on all differences. For detailed pin type setting, I think this should take care of the next. Like you supply is provided to the consumer are attributed to model setup, What, then some users according to their own situation to pay more alphanumeric clay pot, maybe the rest of the assistant equipment, Self loading Concrete Mixing Station for sale in china under the same conditions, we consume factory Rhyme based on user needs to set up. User friends after a few manufacturers are bound to be judged under the manufacturer of the test field. Ultimately we need to do that is in the selection task is bound to recognize the reality of the consumption rate how high concrete mixing station, so we will be reasonably accurate accounting data. Selection of the primary mixing station comprising: a few aspects of the selection sites, planning of selection, function selection, equipment selection, and other equipment. This is our pick of the fundamental needs of the concrete mixing station, a lack Vladimir percent.

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